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Lowongan Kerja PT. Hutama Karya (Persero) Maret

Lowongan Hutama Karya – PT. Hutama Karya (Persero) is a top 5 State-Owned Enterprise in construction industry. For 50 years, HK had taken an important role at infrastructure-development in Indonesia. Experienced in many historical architecture at that time, HK now had risen itself to involve...

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Lowongan Kerja Engineer PT Hutama Karya (Persero)

PT Hutama Karya (Persero) is one of the state-owned company (BUMN) established to handle Civil Works, Mechanical, Electrical, Telecommunication and Instrumentation, Repair / maintenance building renovation ENGINEER/OFFICER By Education: S1-Civil Engineer S1-Architecture Engineer S1-Electro Engineer S1-Machine Engineer S1-Accounting S1-Finance S1-Civil Law Special requirements Preferred State...

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