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Lowongan Kerja Hoka Hoka Bento Desember 2012

Hoka Hoka Bento was established in Jakarta under license of a private company PT Eka Bogainti. The first restaurant was built in Kebun Kacang, Jakarta. We offer a healthy, wide variety, and hygienic Japanese food that is affordable with cozy restaurant atmosphere Hoka Hoka Bento...

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Lowongan Kerja Hoka Hoka Bento 2011

Hoka Hoka Bento was first established under the auspices of PT. Eka Bogainti. With the first restaurant located in the Garden Bean, Jakarta. Hoka Hoka Bento serves Japanese food is healthy, varied, hygienic, fast food with affordable prices and good atmosphere. It makes Hoka Hoka...

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