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PT Pamapersada Nusantara (PAMA) is well established as the Indonesia’s leading mining operations throughout archipelago since 1993. We actively manage numerous coal mines, gold, quarry rocks etc. and undertake dam construction and road works as well other earth excavation and transportation projects.

Our commitment, today and in the future, is that our customers can depend on PAMA to succeed.

We will continue to draw upon the advantage of our world-class, deep industry expertise coupled with unified approach in providing professional and value added services to remain our position at the forefront of the industry.

In true PAMA culture, improvements, achievements and advances are progressive and responsive to evolving development on all fronts. We see the changes coming, then move early and fast to adapt to the changing business needs and economic development. Also, we conduct studies and learn more about how our business partners grow.

PAMA is an active corporate citizen. As a professional mining company, we are deeply aware of the long-term, fundamental and corporate benefits as well as our concern with safe and healthy workforce. We also demonstrate commitment through continuing enhancements to minimize PAMA’s impact on the environment that mining and civil engineering will engender. PAMA supports communities where we do business through corporate donations which allocated for education, religious building and roads construction as well as medical service supports.

PT Pamapersada Nusantara (PAMA) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of PT United Tractors Tbk, a major distributor of Komatsu heavy equipment in Indonesia. PT Astra International Tbk, the major shareholder of PT United Tractors Tbk, is one of the largest and most respected companies in Indonesia.

The embryo of PAMA has commenced since 1974 in form of rental division at PT United Tractors, which engaged in construction project, mining and oil project, land preparation and logging. In 1993 this division changed into an independent company named PT Pamapersada Nusantara.

Currently PAMA actively manages numerous coal mining, gold, quarry, etc., undertakes dam construction and road works as well as excavation and transportation projects throughout Indonesia. Now PAMA has also own a subsidiary, under the name of PT Kalimantan Prima Persada (KPP) and PT Prima Multi Mineral (PMM).

PT Pamapersada Nusantara (PAMA) are inviting experience talented people and passionate axpertise to develop together.

Mine Engineer (ME)

  • Fresh Graduate/ Min.3 years experience in same position
  • S1 (Bachelor) in Mining, Geology, Civil Engineering

Production Group Leader (PRGL)

  • Fresh Graduate/ Min.3 years experience in same position
  • S1 (Bachelor)/ D3 (Diploma) in Mining, Geology, Geodesy, Civil Eng.

Geologist (GEO)

  • Fresh Graduate/ Min.3 years experience in same position
  • S1 (Bachelor) in Geology,

Bussiness Development (BUDEV)

  • Fresh Graduate/ Min.3 years experience in same position
  • S1 (Bachelor) in Mining, Geology, Civil Engineering

General Services Officer (GSO)

  • Fresh Graduate/ Min.3 years experience in same position
  • D3 (Diploma) in Meanical Eng, Civil Eng, Tourism & Hospitality

Human Capital Group Leader (HCGL)

  • Minimum 3 years experience in same position
  • S1 (Bachelor) in Industrial Engineering, Psychology, Law

Compensation & Benefit Officer (ComBen)

  • Minimum 3 years in same position
  • S1 (Bachelor) in Statistic

Community Development Officer (CDOF)

  • Fresh Graduate/ Min.3 years experience in same position
  • S1 (Bachelor) in Forestry, Agriculture, Industrial Eng.

Data Evaluator (DEV)

  • Fresh Graduate, S1 (Bachelor)/ D3 (Diploma) in industrial Eng., Information Technology

Plant Group Leader (PLGL)

  • Fresh Graduate, D3 (Dilpoma) in Mechanical Eng., Electrical Eng.

Information System Officer (ISO)

  • Fresh Graduate, D3 (Diploma) in Information Technology

General Requirements

  1. Computer literacy
  2. English Proficiency
  3. Age max.35 years for expert
  4. willing to be based at all over PAMA operation areas.

Please send your resume and indicate the position applied on the top left corner of the envelope not later than 15 Sept 2011 to:

Jl. Rawagelam 1 No. 9
Jakarta Industrial Estate Pulogadung

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