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Lowongan Kerja PT. PP Dirganeka Bulan Juni 2012

May 27th, 2012

Lowongan PP Dirganeka PT PP Dirganeka is one of the largest private construction and building management service companies in Indonesia. The Company established in 19 September 1989 under the name of PT Prakarsa Dirganeka. The majority shares of PT PP Dirganeka is owned by the Employee Welfare Foundation of PT PP ...

Lowongan Kerja PT. PP Dirganeka - Rekrutmen Februari 2013

February 1st, 2013

PP Dirganeka is a subsidiaries company of the PP Persero which engaged in projects Construction Services. In addition, Dirganeka also engaged in the management of Office Building and Apartment Initially, PP Dirganeka is a company which engaged in the trading field and derive from PT.Prakarsa. Currently, the majority of the ownership ...

Lowongan Kerja PT PP Dirganeka Desember 2012

November 29th, 2012

Lowongan PP Dirganeka - PT PP Dirganeka - PP Dirganeka is a leading construction company in Indonesia. The Company provides services in general contractor and building management. PP Dirganeka was formerly known as PT Prakarsa Dirganeka, which was founded in 1989. The name PP Dirganeka was established in 2006. The ...