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Tes CPNS dilaksanakan dengan sistem Computer Assisted Test (CAT).
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Lowongan Kerja Bandung Agustus 2012 PT. Gistex

PT. Gistex, as one of the largest manufacturing company in Bandung, focuses its production on textile, garment, and fashion. Through few years of research and development, PT GISTEX Textile Division especially has reached over 2.5 million yards per month which are being exported all over...

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Job Vacancy PT Gistex Bandung

PT Gistex – Textile Division is a textile industry located in Bandung, Indonesia, which 100% oriented for export market. Refer to the current expansion, we need high potential people to join our team for the following positions: Marketing Staff (Code : MKT) Min. D3 in...

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Lowongan PT Sansan Saudaratex Jaya

Lowongan Kerja Bandung November – P.T. Sansan Saudaratex Jaya mulai berdiri pada tahun 1985 di Bandung. Pada awalnya, P.T. Sansan Saudaratex Jaya Textiles adalah sebuah perusahaan kecil yang mensupply produk-produknya hanya untuk pasar domestik. Seiring berjalannya waktu, produk-produk P.T. Sansan Saudaratex Jaya Textiles mulai dikenal,...

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