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Tes CPNS dilaksanakan dengan sistem Computer Assisted Test (CAT).
Siapkah Anda dengan Kisi Kisi Ujian CAT CPNS..?
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A. The area of expertise is needed:
1. Teknik Sipil [S-1]
2. Teknik Geodesi [S-1]
3. Teknik Mesin [S-1]
4. Ekonomi Akuntansi [S-1]
5. Ekonomi Manajemen SDM [S-1]
6. Perpajakan [D-3]

Closing date : May 13th, 2011

7. Sekretaris [D-3]
8. Administrasi [D-3]
9. Hukum [S-1]

Closing date : May 6th, 2011

B. Requirements:

  1. Male, Female (Sekretaris)
  2. Education in accordance with the required expertise.
  3. Diploma or graduate certificate legalized by the College / Institution which issued a diploma / graduate certificate.
  4. Value transcript with GPA ? 2.75, legalized.
  5. Police Notes Certificate (SKCK) is still valid.
  6. Photocopy of Identity Card / Identity is still valid.
  7. Last color photographs size 4 x 6 (2 sheets).
  8. Maximum age for applicants S1 = 26 years and for applicants D3 = 24 years.
  9. Curriculum Vitae

C. Selection will be done through the Technical Ability Test (based on areas of expertise), English Test, Health Test, Psychological Test and Interview.

D. The Interested to submit an application letter enclosing requirements such as those at point B and be received by the Recruitment Team

Applications addressed to:

Jl. Letjen. Haryono MT. Kav. 22
Jakarta 13630

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