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Lowongan Kerja Ombudsman RI  – Ombudsman Republik Indonesia – Ombudsman is a goverment of Indonesia official that supervises public service institutions in Indonesia, include BUMN, BUMD, BHMN. Originally registered as Komisi Ombudsman Nasional in 2000. Ombudsman Republik Indonesia was launched in 2008 based on Law No. 37 Year 2008 on the Ombudsman of the Republic of Indonesia which was passed in the House of Representatives (DPR) plenary session on 9 September 2008. The Institution consists of 9 members (including 1 chairman and 1 vice-chairman), who are appointed by the House of Representatives based on the candidates nominated by the President of Republic Indonesia. Ombudsman Republik Indonesia is based in Jakarta and has 23 representative offices across Indonesia.

Due to strengthen its team, Ombudsman Republik Indonesia require professional with complete dedication and high motivation to fill the position for :

Kepala Perwakilan Ombudsman Provinsi

  1. Prov Bengkulu (KP-06)
  2. Prov Kalimantan Tengah (KP-07)
  3. Prov Sulawesi Barat (KP-08)
  4. Prov Maluku Utara (KP-09)
  5. Prov Sumatera Utara (KP-10)


  • Indonesian citizen (WNI);
  • Devoted to God Almighty;
  • Have a good health in physical and spiritual;
  • Drug-free;
  • Bachelor degree (S1) of Law or other related majors who have at least 7 years of expertise and experience in the field of law or government-related public service delivery;;
  • Age
    • Minimum age of 40 years old
    • Maximum age of 60 years old;
  • Competent, honest, moral integrity, have the capability and have a good reputation;
  • Have knowledge of the Ombudsman and the public service;
  • Not been sentenced by a court decision that has acquired the force of law for committing a crime is not punishable by imprisonment of 5 (five) years or more;
  • Not be involved in and / or members of a political party;
  • Not concurrently be willing to state officials or state officials in accordance with the provisions of the legislation, the management or employees of state-owned enterprises or local state-owned enterprises, political parties and members of other professions (doctors, accountants, lawyers, notaries, land deed official maker );
  • For a candidate who is a civil servant, willing to quit from the post of Civil organic if accepted as Chief Representative, and
  • Active and has a network of government, community organizations, non-governmental organizations, the media and universities in each region Ombudsman Representative.

Calon Asisten Perwakilan Ombudsman

  1. Prov Bengkulu (AP-06)
  2. Prov Kalimantan Tengah (AP-07)
  3. Prov Sulawesi Barat (AP-08)
  4. Prov Maluku Utara (AP-09)


  • Indonesian Citizens of the Republic of Indonesia (WNI);
  • Age : Minimum age of 22 years old and a maximum of 30 years old;
  • Min Bachelor Degree (S1) or equivalent from all majors;
  • Preferred experience in the organization / community advocacy / advocacy governance / legal advocacy;
  • Honesty and integrity;
  • Not been sentenced by a court decision that already have permanent legal force, for a crime punishable by imprisonment of 5 (five) years or more;
  • Never committed a disgraceful act, and
  • Willing is not doubled as civil servants, members of political parties, lawyers and other professions (doctors, accountants, lawyers, notaries, officials making land deed).

How to apply

To apply this jobs, please register to :

and submit your applications to :

Ombudsman Republik Indonesia,
Jl HR Rasuna Said Kav. C-19 Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan 12920.


  • Closing date 2 September 2013 (15.00 WIB).
  • All applications will be treated as strictly confidential.
  • Only qualified candidate match with the above mentioned qualifications will be notified for further selection


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